BREAKING: WAR Announcement Rocks Congress – He Confirms…

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced that the prodigious amounts of U.S. foreign aid for Ukraine are a key contributor to the skyrocketing inflation. As such, the U.S. cannot afford to continue funding the war.

Senator Paul made the comments during an interview on Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, saying, “We can’t endlessly supply them with weapons.” While Senator Paul sympathizes with the plight of Ukraine, the U.S. cannot afford the costs that billions in foreign aid will put on our nation.

Senator Paul said, “Inflation is caused by spending money that you don’t have that the Federal Reserve buys the debt. So whether it is for Ukraine, whether it is for food stamps here, whether it’s studies of Panamian frogs, it all goes to the debt. And so, it doesn’t make sense, even for a good cause. I’m sympathetic to the Ukrainians. I think the Putin invasion should be condemned. I want the Ukrainians to win.”

The United States is trillions of dollars in debt and we need to fight our own battles at home before we can help abroad.

Senator Paul continued saying, “Ukraine is going to ask for $40 billion more apparently this fall. Then it is going to take hundreds of billions to rebuild the country. Look, I have great sympathy, but we do not have hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild Ukraine. We can’t endlessly supply them with weapons. So, no — to me, it is a fiscal issue, not necessarily a military issue.”

Unfortunately, Senator Paul is one of the few Republicans who recognize the reality facing the United States. Many other Republicans are happy to send billions abroad while Americans suffer.

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