BREAKING: Walmart Confirms Rumor – Employees Stunned

Walmart announced on Thursday that it plans to hire 150,000 new workers and give raises to current workers in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak that has caused shoppers to rush to stores and stock up on food, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Full time employees that worked for the company as of March 1 will get $300 and part-timers will get $150 as a “thank you” for their service during the difficult time.

Employees have had to deal with a rapid rush of customers as well as angry outbursts at times when the store didn’t have requested items.

The new bonuses as well as an existing bonus structure that will be accelerated will cost the retail giant $550 million. Newly hired positions will be temporary at first but could later transition to permanent positions.

Excellent. So the restaurant server who was making $30 an hour or more in tips can now go work at Walmart for $12 an hour with the same level of exposure or higher because a bunch of governors and the Trump administration caused a panic about this new, mostly mild virus. I wonder how many people will go for that, and how many will just sit at home and see if Trump sends them a check.

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