BREAKING: Voting Count REVERSAL – Over 72% Actually Want…

An AP-NORC poll released on Friday showed that 72% of likely voters believe that photo ID should be required to cast a vote.

Shockingly the poll found that support for election security measures is a bipartisan issue. While 91% of Republicans support some form of voter identification, 56% of Democrats also fall in line with Republicans.

This is terrible news for Democrats working overtime to portray election security measures like voter ID as voter suppression.

Americans simply disagree with the Democrat view of things, and many actually want more security to ensure election integrity. The past election cycle did a lot of damage to the trust that Americans have in the election.

The only way to fix the damage that the 2020 election cycle caused is to pass election security measures to ensure the past mistakes have been rectified.

While individual states work to patch holes in our election system, President Biden may need to get off Twitter and do some research. Americans don’t believe him and his misinformation about election security.

Read the full story here.

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5 Responses

  1. Wow! Of course they do because it’s required for everything except voting. A few states have already made it mandatory. This high number means that many democrats also want it. And 72% is probably lower than the real percentage of people who want it because this is an AP (democrat lapdog) poll.

  2. Why not disqualify the fraudulent winners. Or revote We cannot allow a fraud to prevail. The laws where broken.

  3. Do you hear that Delta and Coke. 72% of the people think that voter ID is a good idea and not racist. It is you, Coke and Delta, that are racist because you are letting the leftist/minority cloud your minds.

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