BREAKING: Voter Fraud EXPOSED – Democrat Insider Reveals…

An anonymous Democrat admitted to the New York Post that he has participated in numerous vote fraud efforts and predicted that there would be large amounts of it with the dramatic increase in mail-in voting this November.

He claimed that he and a staff of others created fraudulent ballots and replaced legitimate one with them, going door to door to collect people’s ballots so they could replace them.

Some postal workers were even in on the fraud, pulling out ballots and giving them to the fraudsters to alter before delivering, he said.

Some nursing home employees would also fill the ballots out for employees. In other efforts, the crew would pay homeless people to vote Democrat and would show up to polls and impersonate legitimate voters that didn’t normally vote.

These efforts could add up to hundreds or thousands of votes and could steal an election, he said.

Read the full story here.

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