BREAKING: Vote Count Reversal Puts Biden In PANIC – White House Stunned

A new Democrat-commissioned poll found that half of Hispanic voters in battleground states Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Texas now believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Only 35% of the Hispanic voters polled from both parties believed the country was on the right track.

In all of the states but Pennsylvania, a majority of Hispanic voters, between 54 and 56%, believed the country was on the wrong track.

In Pennsylvania, the number was 45%, less than a majority but still higher than the 37% who said the country was on the right track.

“To win next November, we need to have Latinos at the 70 mark for Democrats, so we’ve got to move for these folks,” Tory Gavito, the president of Way to Win who commissioned the poll, said. “Right now we see the support, but it’s soft.”

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