BREAKING: Vladimir Putin Gets Shocking Security Council Message – Watch It Now…

Ukraine’s U.N. ambassador sent a message to Vladimir Putin during the U.N. Security Council meeting in a statement directed at Russia’s U.N. ambassador saying, “There is no purgatory for war criminals. They go straight to hell, Ambassador.”

The shocking statement sent a message loud and clear that the Ukrainian government is ready to fight to the death to hold off the invaders.

So far, Ukraine has done an admirable job considering the overwhelming forces arrayed against them. The world may be on Ukraine’s side, but ultimately Ukraine is standing alone when it comes down to fighting the invaders off.

While Ukraine’s brave defenders hold off Russian forces, the exchange between U.N. ambassadors from the two countries illustrates just how ineffective and outdated the U.N. is.

The United Nations has failed to preserve peace between its members, leaving many questioning what its purpose is.

No matter how this conflict ends, one thing we know is the world will look completely different. Organization’s like NATO and the U.N. will need to adjust to a post-Ukraine war world.

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