BREAKING: Vladimir Putin DEFEAT Announcement – Nation Stunned…

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said on Friday that the White House plan to sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin personally over his invasion of Ukraine is too little, too late.

“Sanctions don’t work after somebody’s done something. You can’t un-sanction the slaughter of Ukrainians,” he said.

Issa revealed what he thinks will work to put pressure on Russia: sanctioning Russia’s oil and gas.

“The real answer is, if you want to stop Putin, you have to stop buying his oil, you have to stop letting him sell his oil,” he said. “That’s 40% of his economy and it’s what really would hurt. And right now, the president and his people, as of this morning, don’t even intend to stop buying it in the U.S.”

He certainly has a good point, and it makes one wonder what is really going on between the U.S., Russia, and Ukraine.

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