A much lambasted memo by Rep. Devin Nunes about FISA abuse last year has been proven completely correct by the Inspector General report released Monday by Michael Horowitz.

While the report said it did not find evidence of bias, both Attorney General William Barr and Special Prosecutor John Durham pointed out that Horowitz was limited in his investigation and that only what a witness admitted could be looked at as evidence.

Many of the facts Nuned pointed out in his memo were echoed by the IG report, including the fact that relevant information was left out of the FISA applications, Christopher Steele was not listed as a source for the information that was given, and that no effort was made to verify any of the information in Steele’s dossier.

At the time the memo was released, Schiff said Nunes was “furthering a conspiracy theory.” Sounds like Schiff owes Nunes a huge apology.

And yet, Schiff is claiming that the report refutes Schiff’s memo. What world is he even living in at this point?

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