BREAKING: Video Proves He’s GUILTY – Nation Stunned, Watch This…

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva blasted radical leftist District Attorney George Gascon for claiming he had approved the lenient sentencing of a 17-year-old who intentionally hit a mom and her infant.

The horrific incident, which occurred on August 6, 2021, and was captured on video, led to national outrage.

The teen was sentenced to five to seven months in a juvenile probation camp for the hit and run. The teen was also high on narcotics, and the vehicle was stolen.

Sheriff Villanueva wrote on Facebook, “We were never consulted as we were not the investigating agency. Sheriff’s investigators would never be OK with the lightweight sentencing in this hit-and-run case. Stop empowering and encouraging criminal behavior. Hold them accountable #VictimsMatter.”

The video captured the entire incident where the teen plowed over the young mom and her infant, who was in a stroller. The teen then attempted to run from the scene but was rammed by a man in a pickup truck.

The disturbingly light sentence comes courtesy of District Attorney Gascon. Gascon has made a name for himself by essentially letting violent criminals walk free while victims are denied justice. Hopefully, this case and the shocking video will finally wake Americans up to the insidious leftists that are subverting justice nationwide.

Read the full story here.

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