BREAKING: Vice President Scandal Stuns Nation – Evidence Shows She’s Guilty

Imagine going to your job for 79 days and not doing your job at all, and not only expecting people not to be pissed, but expecting them to applaud you. Besides some of my former bosses, I can’t possibly think of a single red-blooded American that would feel good about trying to collect a paycheck in that manner.


Incredibly, Kamala Harris has gone 79 days without visiting the U.S.-Mexico border… The very thing that many Americans consider to be the absolutely most essential part of her job.

But no, Kamala Harris isn’t interested in going to the border. Although, as she’s quick to tell you, she hasn’t been to Europe either. (Whatever that means.)

Uh, maybe the point he was making is that you’re supposed to be in charge of the border Kamala? But it’s good to know you’re just as concerned with what’s going on over at Europe’s hottest destinations…

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