BREAKING: Vice President Makes His Move – It’s Not Happening

Vice President Mike Pence just made his move. It is not happening and millions of people across the nation are stunned. No one can believe it.

Before Pence presided over the joint session of Congress to certify the Electoral College vote, he reportedly told President Donald Trump that “he did not believe he had the power to block congressional certification” of Joe Biden’s victory.

Pence also sent a letter to members of Congress explaining what he believes is his role under the Constitution. “Vesting the Vice President with the unilateral authority to decide presidential contests would be entirely antithetical to that design,” he said.

These announcements from Pence came after a tweet from Trump stating otherwise. “The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors,” said Pence on January 5.

Once the time came for the Electoral College vote to be reviewed, Pence followed through on his conviction — he presided over the joint session of Congress and allowed members to speak. In the end, the electors were certified.

Barring some kind of legal miracle, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president on January 20. Biden has already vowed to undo much of Trump’s accomplishments — and the American people must vocally oppose that effort.

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