Much to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’s chagrin, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Saturday that the Trump administration has been aggressive with China in several ways.

“I think we’ve been very aggressive with regard to Russia. I’ve called them out time after time in any number of fora just as I did today with regard to their bad behavior, you know their invasion of Georgia, their seizure of Crimea, their actions in Ukraine, we support our friends and allies,” Esper said at the Reagan Defense Forum.

Esper cited aid given to Ukraine to fight against Russia and convincing NATO allies to increase their defense spending as examples of how the current administration has been more aggressive than under former President Barack Obama.

“I think we’re pushing back very strongly against Russian bad behavior,” he said.

Russia was recently blamed by the U.S. military for shooting down one of its drones over Libya, but denies doing so and won’t return the wreckage to the U.S.

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