BREAKING: Verdict Is In And Biden Is GUILTY – Ambassador Tells All

United States Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman said that after one year of Biden, U.S. foreign policy is adrift.

“I had fully anticipated substantial disagreement with President Joe Biden’s foreign policy team once it took office. After all, we had such profound differences on the Iran nuclear deal, the risks presented by the Chinese Communist Party, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Russian threat and other important issues,” said Friedman.

“Now, a year later, I find that there are few coherent policies which merit a serious response. Far worse than advancing bad policies,” Friedman added, “the Biden administration is acting with breathtaking incompetence in a manner that has infected the entirety of United States diplomacy.”

Friedman continued on, blasting Biden for many paragraphs in his Breitbart featured op-ed.

“After 20 years in Afghanistan, this past summer President Biden caused the U.S. to surrender to terrorists — betraying our allies, our partners and even our own citizens. That alone was perhaps enough to disqualify us from any credibility on the world stage. Indeed, the picture of desperate Afghans clinging to the wheel wells of departing American military aircraft has been burned into the psyches of billions of people, most wondering if the U.S. can ever again be trusted.”

“In Israel and its surrounding region,” Friedman added, “Biden has done nothing to scale the golden opportunity presented by the Abraham Accords. I don’t recall him ever mentioning these historic agreements. Instead, the Biden administration has restored massive funding to the corrupt Palestinian Authority and the antisemitic United Nations Relief and Works Agency under the guise of becoming more ‘even-handed’ in the conflict. But no demand was made of the Palestinian leadership to stop paying terrorists. Given the fungibility of money, this means that the United States has returned to compensating Palestinian terrorists and their survivors. History confirms that this is a tragic step backwards on the path to peace.”

To read the full story from Friedman, click here. It’s excellent.

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