BREAKING: Vax Data Reversal Shocks World – Numbers Show…

Covid-19 cases are exploding in several major European nations despite high vaccination rates shooting another hole in the case for mandatory vaccinations.

European nations like England, Italy, and Germany are all experiencing skyrocketing Covid-19 cases that are causing many to finally question how useful the vaccine actually is.

All three of those nations have an incredibly high portion of the population “fully vaccinated.” England and Germany have over three-quarters of their populations vaccinated, with Italy just ahead at around 80% vaccinated.

Those high vaccination rates have done seemingly nothing to stop the endemic nature of Covid-19.

World governments have slowly begun to acknowledge that the world must learn to live with Covid-19. The idea that social distancing and vaccination would lead to “zero covid” was far-fetched from the start.

Now the challenge will be for the people of those major European nations to force their governments to give up the power they seized during the pandemic.

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