BREAKING: Vaccine REVERSAL Stuns Nation – Biden Is Now…

Top Democrats and media elites have been bashing Trump’s idea of a coronavirus vaccine for months. They’ve been critiquing his science and criticizing the process and swearing they would never, ever, ever take it.

Now that Joe Biden could be in the Oval Office in 2021, all of that has changed and the Democrats want to “educate” the American people so more will take the vaccine.

“A top adviser to Joe Biden on the coronavirus pandemic said Monday a vaccine “education program” is needed because so many Americans are skeptical about the treatment,” report Breitbart News. “Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of Biden’s coronavirus advisory board, told MSNBC that more needs to be done to get Americans to take the COVID-19 immunization.”

As Breitbart noted, these comments only come after the Democrats have “spent months maligning the vaccines and linking their safety to personal attitudes about Trump.”

To read more about this vaccine reversal, click here.

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