BREAKING: US Military CAPTURES It – Russia Furious

The U.S. military has captured an advanced Russian combat system in Libya and has extracted it for advanced analysis.

The system is believed to be designed to counter NATO’s air capabilities and will give the U.S. valuable insight into how to keep ahead of Russia in air operation capability.

Tom Rogan writing for The Washington Examiner said, “Russian air defense and electronic warfare systems are the crown jewels of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military power. Indeed, Russian electronic warfare systems supersede U.S. capabilities in some areas. Reflecting as much, Russian military planning against NATO is focused around rapid territorial seizure followed by the establishing of strongholds protected by these advanced systems.”

The capture of such a valuable system in Libya highlights the ongoing turmoil in the North African nation that experienced a revolution that kicked off the infamous “Arab Spring.”

The country is currently caught in a civil war between an established government backed by the U.N. and a rebellion backed by Russian assets and resources.

Russia has deployed 14 military aircraft to Libya which will support the rebels. Russia is trying to establish a foothold in Libya and it would be wise for US leaders to keep a close eye on the situation. In any case, the technology captured from them may prove invaluable to the U.S.

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