BREAKING: US Bombers SHOCK China – World Stunned

United States bombers just completely shocked China. The world is stunned by this move, but it must be done to protect Americans. President Donald Trump is showing the leadership we need.

“The United States demonstrated its long-range bomber capability amid the coronavirus outbreak by executing flights to Eastern Europe and the South China Sea in recent days,” reported the Washington Examiner this week.

The purpose of the exercise was clear — to show that the U.S. Air Force is fully capable of taking on any challenge from foes in the region, including the Chinese government, even during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Although mitigation efforts created challenges to overcome, our allies, partners and adversaries should make no mistake that we are ready, able and willing to deter and defend when called upon,” said Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian.

But it isn’t only China who should be wary of agitating the United States — the Russian government has received a message as well. America is watching and will respond to aggression if left no other choice.

“We think of the U.S. as a power which is visible and reliable in Central and Eastern Europe and able to deter Russia,” said Piotr Szymanski with Warsaw’s Centre for Eastern Studies to the Examiner.

Read the full story here.

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