BREAKING: Uncovered Biden Video PROVES It – Dems In Chaos

A video about former Vice President Joe Biden was just uncovered and it’s spreading across the internet. This clip just proved it — and now Democrats are in a state of chaos. Biden’s campaign could be over.

“Everything you need to know about Joe Biden in one clip,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr. “I guess he will tell you whatever lie he thinks it takes to score political points. Seems being a liar is a very consistent theme for Joe!”

In the video clip from 1987, when he first ran for president, Biden is seen making claims “about his academic record,” but here’s the problem: News reports at the time disputed his claims vigorously.

“I went to law school on a full academic scholarship,” said Biden. However, he only received $800 dollars towards his $1,620 tuition — that is slightly less than half. But the falsehoods didn’t stop there.

Biden also asserted that he finished in the top half of his graduating class. Come to find out, “he finished 76th out of a graduating law school class of 85 at Syracuse University,” according to Fox News.

These are not small lies. Biden has made a career out of pumping up his less-than-stellar record in order to make himself sound impression. In reality, he is nothing more than a career politician seeking yet another office.

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