BREAKING: Ukraine SHOCKER Stuns The World – Trump Is…

News is spreading about a stunning Ukraine bombshell, and people can’t believe it. The Democrats just got caught lying about President Trump again.

Reporter Kenneth Vogel — of the New York Times, no less — has blown a hole in the “quid pro quo” narrative. And that’s because Ukraine didn’t know Trump was withholding aid until long after the call took place.

“The Ukrainians weren’t made aware that the assistance was being delayed/reviewed until more than one month after the call,” he tweeted, referring to the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

This means the Democrats have hit another dead end. If Zelensky didn’t know the $391 million in military aid was being withheld until after this call, then there’s no way he could have felt like it was being used a leverage.

Keep in mind, too, that Trump never used the word “investigate” when it comes to the Biden controvery. He asked Zelensky to “look into it,” which was well-within his prerogative to do as president.

The “quid pro quo” claim is officially nothing more than an anti-Trump talking point. Democrats wanted to find anything they could to impeach him, and their haste has backfired on them.

Read the full story here.

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