[BREAKING]: Ukraine REVERSAL Notice | He’s Been Cleared

A top Department of Defense official dealing with Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia testified under Republican questioning that emails from Ukrainian officials that she had earlier said asked about an aid holdup “might not have been about aid” after all.

Laura Cooper had testified behind closed doors that she received two unclassified State Department emails on July 25 that said Ukrainian officials wanted to know what was happening with U.S. assistance. She was notified of the hold on aid on July 3, but didn’t speak to anyone in Ukraine about it directly until September 5, after news of the hold broke in the press.

When she was questioned by Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), Cooper admitted that the emails she had previously referenced were  “not necessarily” about the hold on aid to Ukraine.  “I cannot say for certain [that Ukraine knew about the hold on aid],” Cooper responded.

News headlines about her testimony had said that Ukrainians knew about the hold in July, which Cooper now says may not have been true.

Yet another witness that is supposed to prove Trump wrongdoing falls apart. When will Democrats admit they just don’t have a case against him?

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