BREAKING: U.S. Navy Steps In And Takes Control – Nation Stunned…

The American Navy recently seized almost 900 pounds of heroin as part of an international drug bust on the Arabian Sea.

The international drug force called the Combined Task Force, made up of the USS Tempest and USS Typhoon, seized the nearly $4,000,000 worth of drugs after finding them on a fishing boat.

The fishing boat is being described as “stateless,” not being recognized by any country.

Navy Comander Timothy Hawkins did say that the nine people on the drug boat identified themselves as Iranians, meaning there’s a good chance the boat belonged to Iran.

The crew of the fishing vessel was released, along with the vessel, after the task force confiscated the illegal goods. Throughout 2021, the drug task force has seized more than $193 million in illegal narcotics, according to the United States Navy.

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