BREAKING: U.S. Military Unleashes Bombers – Iran Devastated

Two B-52 Stratofortress were dispatched on a show-of-force flight in the Persian Gulf on Thursday to send a message to Iran reminding them of the U.S. Air Force’s expansive capabilities.

The head of U.S. Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, said, “Potential adversaries should understand that no nation on earth is more ready and capable of rapidly deploying additional combat power in the face of any aggression. Our ability to work together as partners on a mission like this heightens our collective readiness to respond to any crisis or contingency.”

This is the second show-of-force flight in the last two months as tensions have skyrocketed following the death of top Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

General McKenzie continued saying, “We do not seek conflict, but we must remain postured and committed to respond to any contingency or in opposition to any aggression.”

The chosen tool of diplomacy, for the time being, is a show of force as tensions with Iran are low on the list of items that President Trump is tackling at the moment. Iran will be on the backburner when and if Joe Biden takes over in January.

Forces accompanied the show-of-force flight from Saudi Arabia as well as Qatar and Bahrain. If Iran wants to escalate tensions in the Middle East, they know they will face a full coalition of nations determined to shut them down.

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