BREAKING: Twitter’s Dark Secret Comes To Light – Video Proves It’s True…

Twitter has been exposed for having discriminated against conservatives for a very long time, if not the for the full duration of its existence.

“James O’Keefe’s investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published undercover footage of Twitter employees proudly admitting that the platform discriminates against conservatives and that many employees are unhappy about a possible takeover by Tesla CEO Elon Musk,” reports Breitbart News.

“In a recently published video by Project Veritas, undercover footage reveals one of Twitter’s senior engineers, Siru Murugesan, discussing how employees at Twitter ‘hate’ Elon Musk and are extremely opposed to free speech. Murugesan further admitted that the website actively moderates conservatives while leftist viewpoints are accepted across the platform,” reports Breitbart News.

“Discussing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s attempted takeover of Twitter, Murugesan noted that many of his colleagues have stated that “this would be my last day if it happens.” He noted that many Twitter employees are ‘stress-eating” and “worried for our jobs,'” reported Breitbart News.

Murugesan freely stated: “Our jobs are at stake; he’s a capitalist and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist. We’re all like commie as fuck.”

Murugesan said employees actively attempted to shut down Musk’s takeover, stating: “We did all we could to like revolt against it. A lot of employees were revolting against it, but at the end of the day, the board of directors have the say.”

Murugesan added that he thinks the Twitter board “… acted on their best interests ’cause they didn’t want to get sued…. they’re always looking out for themselves at the end of the day.”

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