BREAKING: Twitter Gets NAILED – Gov’t Makes Shocking Move

It’s a sad day when governmental policies of freedom are more measurable outside the borders of the United States of America.

But that day is today.

For example, Twitter, a left-wing propaganda platform who does the bidding of the progressive agenda and Democrat party gets a free pass in America.

But not so in Poland.

“Poland’s new Freedom Act against Big Tech censorship will see members of the public automatically notified of ‘shadowbans’ and empowered to overturn restrictions if their speech online is lawful,” reports Breitbart News.

Breitbart noted that “shadow bans” are more “insidious” than some blatant censorship. The news outlet described the process as “Silicon Valley drastically curtailing some users’ reach and ability to build a following — sometimes openly, sometimes not — through so-called ‘shadowbans’, without ever outright banning them or deleting content.”

To read more about Poland’s fight against Big Tech, click here.

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