BREAKING: Twitter Gets NAILED – $500 Million Stuns CEO

The Delaware computer shop owner who leaked the Hunter Biden laptop story, John Paul Mac Isaac, has filed a $500 million lawsuit against Twitter for defamation in labeling him a hacker when they censored the New York Post story about the laptop.

The social media platform censored all stories about the laptop in October prior to the election under their policy against information gained from hacking activity, even though no hacking was involved.

It was a rather blatant attempt to keep people from finding out about Hunter’s foreign payoffs–and candidate Joe Biden’s involvement–before they actually voted, and for the most part it worked.

Meanwhile, Isaac became collateral damage in the story, facing criticism and threats that forced him to close the computer shop.

The suit does not seem to fall under Section 230 protections, which prevent lawsuits against social media platforms over content they allow to be posted.

Read the full story here.

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