BREAKING: Twitter Gets BUSTED – Trump Is Laughing

Twitter’s share price fell more than 12% as trading reopened after Twitter’s decision on Friday to permanently ban President Donald Trump from the platform.

Twitter has since removed more than 80,000 accounts that it said were linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory or were spreading disinformation about it.

CNBC thought that Twitter’s censorship might reignite legislation to repeal Section 230 liability protections, even though Democrats will control the House and Senate after January 20.

Whether or not anything happens with Section 230, it’s nice to see Twitter and Facebook, which fell 2%, lose billions of dollars after they censored the leader of the free world and also went after a lot of his supporters.

Did they not realize that a significant number of people were going to vote with their pocketbooks and that they would lose a significant amount of their user base if they couldn’t be fair in their policies?

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