BREAKING: Twitter Gets BUSTED – It’s About Time

Twitter is in hot water after a recent report run by right-leaning media outlet, Breitbart News.

Twitter has claimed it is removing people from its platform because it is “fairly applying” its terms of service.

The result is a many conservatives and ideologically right-of-center users have been de-platformed. So is Twitter being even-handed?

Not according to Breitbart’s reporting. Breitbart listed at least seven accounts that Twitter has left up despite being active in the spread of misinformation and propaganda:

a) The Chinese Communist Party
b) Ayatollah Khamenei and Iran’s Many Media Arms
c) Kremlin Leaders and Russian ‘Bots’
d) Colin Kaepernick: ‘We Have the Right to Fight Back!’
e) Nation of Islam Radical Louis Farrakhan
f) Far-Left Agitator Linda Sarsour
g) Anitfa

These accounts have spewed lies, propaganda, calls for violence, dehumanization and misinformation. Yet Twitter lets them stay.

To read more about these accounts and Twitter’s non-actions, click here.

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