BREAKING: Twitter CEO Gets NAILED – The Proof Is Devastating

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just got nailed and the proof is absolutely devastating. A major publication has exposed the social media platform’s suspicious activity — and now Americans must demand accountability.

After Twitter censored two stories by the New York Post last week claiming the content was “hacked information,” an editorial in The Wall Street Journal strongly criticized the action and called out the platform’s hypocrisy and suppression.

“The problem is that if Twitter has a policy against ‘content obtained without authorization,’ as the company added, it has a policy against journalism,” said the Journal’s editorial board. The policy also appears to be selective.

After all, over the last four years, stories “have circulated widely on Twitter” covering information that was allegedly leaked to the press by members of the Trump administration. These stories haven’t been censored.

“Beyond policy, a free society can’t survive if its people aren’t committed to it and are willing to justify anything to get power,” continued the editorial, which also drew attention to an upcoming Senate hearing with Big Tech executives.

Hopefully, the Republican-led Senate can get down to the bottom of the mass censorship occurring on Twitter and Facebook — censorship that appears to suppress the open-sharing of ideas and favor a liberal echo chamber instead.

Read the full story here.

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