BREAKING: Tucker JAIL Announcement – GOP is STUNNED


Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently called out Democrats for their extreme hypocrisy when it comes to throwing their opponents in jail.

Carlson addressed the ongoing controversy over the sentencing of Trump associate Roger Stone.

He said on Friday that, “Andy McCabe authorized illegal leaks to the press and then lied to investigators about doing it. McCabe was fired from his job for that, as he should be. But today, prosecutors announced that they will not bring any criminal charges against him.”

McCabe leaked information that damaged President Trump in 2016. Maybe no criminal charges were warranted, but that can’t be true after the sentence Stone is facing.

Carlson went on to say, “If he was Roger Stone, McCabe would be in jail right now. Instead, he’s a celebrity fawned over by the hair hats on cable news.”

Democrats are protecting their own while pushing to throw their enemies in jail. Today’s Democrat party encapsulates hypocrisy perfectly.

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