BREAKING: Tucker Confirms Fears – Fox Viewers Stunned

Fox News host Tucker Carlson confirmed that lockdowns around the nation have not been proven to save lives.

During his Thursday night broadcast, Carlson said, “There is, as of tonight, precisely no evidence that the lockdowns in America saved lives anywhere. In fact, it’s possible that mass quarantines killed people. Researchers at JPMorgan compared the coronavirus infection rates of all 50 U.S. states and many European countries before and after the mass quarantines. Overall, ending the lockdowns was associated with a slower spread of the virus.”

For months the media and draconian government officials have repeatedly claimed how important it was to lock down the population. Now it seems there is simply no evidence for those claims.

Entire countries were completely disrupted and the economy destroyed and it turns out there was no evidence justifying it.

Carlson went on to compare South Dakota, a state that didn’t lock down, to California which locked down quite early. “As of today, about five per hundred thousand people in South Dakota have died of the coronavirus. In California, the death toll is 8.4 per hundred thousand. That’s 64 percent higher.”

The economic damage of the lockdown is very real as millions of Americans are unemployed. There are a lot of people who must answer for why the nation was shut down without supporting evidence.

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