BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Shocks Fans – It’s A LIE

Tucker Carlson used the monologue portion of his show Monday to blast Black Lives Matter for fomenting riots over a police shooting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that occured after a suspect charged at police with a knife.

Body camera footage of the shooting showed a crazed man charging at the office with a knife. Police were responding to reports that the man had aready stabbed four people.

“It’s all such an absurd lie and everyone who is paying attention knows it’s a lie,” Carlson said of the narrative that the shooting wasn’t justified.

“The most obvious result of this ongoing scam, this grotesque scam on the country is that cops get murdered,” Carlson said, referencing the two police deputies who were ambushed in Compton, California and other shootings of police in North Carolina and New York.

Maybe someone needs to start a list of police shot in the line of duty like BLM’s list of unarmed black men shot by police–see which one is longer.

Read the full story here.

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