BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Shocks Fans – He’s Really Doing It

Conservative powerhouse Tucker Carlson just showed he isn’t afraid to call out the GOP if he thinks they are going off track.

During a recent show, Carlson asked about the GOP legislators, “Why are Republicans playing along? They don’t really have a sound political rationale for any of this. They are just dumb and guilty. Honestly, that’s the reason.”

“From the perspective of the Republican leadership, it would be best if Donald Trump just went away forever,” said Carlson. “He is embarrassing. They don’t want to talk about him. They’d like him to disappear.”

Then Carlson explained why:

So that’s their plan with impeachment: make it so that Trump can never run for office again — not that he actually plans to run for office again — and then disgrace Trump so thoroughly that he cannot appear in public ever again, then pretend that Donald Trump never happened. Call it the suburban Connecticut denial strategy. Whatever you do, don’t talk about mom’s alcoholism, just act like it’s not happening and maybe it’ll go away. Good luck with that.

There are a couple of obvious problems with this approach. The first problem is, it won’t work. By impeaching the President during his final week in office, Congress will not succeed in discrediting Trump among Republican voters; in fact, it will enhance Donald Trump among Republican voters, obviously.

Who does your average Republican voter trust more? Donald Trump or the many people who hate Donald Trump? Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell? Donald Trump or CNN? Come on, you know the answer. It’s not complicated.

But apparently, it’s too complicated for the dummies in the Republican Party who think impeachment will help them in the long run, they are that stupid. Maybe you shouldn’t be surprised by that.

Then Carlson dropped a bombshell on Mitch McConnell.

For the last week, slow learners like Mitch McConnell have missed it completely. They’ve allowed themselves instead to be led into rhetorical cul-de-sacs on the question of Donald Trump’s personal character as a man.

At no point does it seem to have occurred to McConnell or any of these sort of geniuses clustered around him that what is really at stake right now is not the future of Donald Trump. He is elderly and retiring next week, but instead the future of his voters, tens of millions of them, American citizens who in the space of the last seven days have seen themselves redefined as domestic terrorists, that has happened.

And Carlson isn’t wrong. It isn’t that McConnell is a traitor or a bad person, but he is missing the target in this crucial time.

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