BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Says It’s OVER – Fans Stunned

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just said it is over. Millions of fans across the country are stunned — they never expected this to happen.

“Never in American history has there been press censorship on this scale,” said Carlson. “FOX News is the last significant media organization remaining in this country that allows its employees to tell obvious truths in public.”

“The rest of them have been muzzled or shut down completely,” Carlson continued, declaring that the time of free, open speech could be tragically over. He then addressed the terrible situation involving Parler.

The social media platform “was created as a free-speech alternative to the Silicon Valley monopolies like Twitter and Facebook,” however, “those very same monopolies pulled it right off the internet” mere days ago.

Ultimately, Big Tech is becoming bigger than anything else — and that is bad news for those who love freedom and the marketplace of ideas. Big Tech, along with their Democrat allies, want to muzzle us all.

The traditional liberal media is in on it, too. This is why peaceful, freedom-loving Americans must speak out even louder. The age of censorship is here and all of us — regardless of political viewpoint — should be concerned.

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