BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Says It’s OVER – Fans Shocked

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just said it is over and millions of fans are shocked. Loyal viewers across the country can believe this happened — they are calling for accountability now.

According to Carlson, New York City, once considered the world’s greatest city, is “disintegrating” under the failed leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio. He has brought the city to the point of destruction and may push it over completely.

“For most Americans who don’t live in New York City, New York is a lot like your half-drunk ne’er-do-well uncle: flashy, loud, always bragging about himself though someone less impressive than he claims to be,” said Carlson.

He pointed out just how far the city has fallen, particularly when it comes to de Blasio’s refusal to support the Police Department. The far-left mayor “attacked” the department as “racist” and “cut a billion dollars” from their budget.

Crime in the city has skyrocketed as a result. “In a single Manhattan neighborhood, the Upper East Side, robberies have jumped by 286 percent this year,” noted Carlson. But safety isn’t the only problem citizens are facing.

De Blasio’s socialist policies have been the catalyst for a mass exodus. “The entire tax base is fleeing to Florida,” said Carlson. And why wouldn’t they? A once-great city is being choked out by a tyrant and people are voting with their feet.

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