BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reveals Global FRAUD – America In Shock

Tucker Carlson unleashed recently calling the response to coronavirus a global fraud.

Carlons, a Fox News host, claimed the fraud impacted the outcome of the presidential election:

News about a global fraud that began long before Election Day here and has since ruined millions of lives, killed hundreds of thousands, and by the way, without question deeply affected the outcome of our presidential election here in the United States: the coronavirus pandemic. And it’s not what we thought it was. We’ve been lied to.

What is the evidence of this fraud, you ask? Carlson reveals that 39 samples taken months before coronavirus was even known in the United States were tested and all of them tested positive. The ramifications are extraordinary:

Clearly what we have been told for almost a year about the origins of the coronavirus is not true.

Why are we just learning this now a month after a presidential election? We’ve had reliable antibody tests since the summer. So no one thought to test Red Cross blood samples until now? Why weren’t elected officials demanding a coherent account of where this virus — this virus that has changed American history forever — where this virus came from? How it got to the United States and how it spread through our population? Why don’t we know that yet? Because nobody seemed to care.

Our elected officials were too busy enjoying their newfound power. They were shutting down small businesses, arresting people for kayaking without masks.

To read more about Carlson’s comments, click here.

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