BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reveals Coronavirus Bombshell – Fox Fans Stunned

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Facebook on Wednesday night for censoring a video by a Chinese virologist who claims that COVID-19 was created in a Chinese lab and intentionally released into China’s general population.

Carlson interviewed the virologist on his show Tuesday and within a few hours, it had gotten 1.3 million views on Facebook. Facebook then put a warning label on the video and claimed it contained information independent fact-checkers said was false.

When Carlson looked into the fact-checks, he said they were months old and didn’t have anything to do with what the virologist was saying about the genetic makeup of the virus and how she thought it had been spliced and altered by scientists in China.

Carlson said the way to get to the truth about any topic is to have more speech about it, not less.

But that’s the problem: Facebook and the other tech giants don’t want to get to the truth unless it matches up to their own leftist ideology, so they are more than willing to obstruct the truth if they think it hurts their side’s beliefs.

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