BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reveals Biden Secret – Nation Shocked

Tucker Carlson said on Wednesday night’s Fox News show that President Joe Biden’s calls for unity must be met with skepticism because of the way he plans to define white supremacy in a broad way to include most if not all Republicans.

“We’re going to bring America together, Joe Biden told us today, but not everyone is going to be included,” Carlson said. “Unity doesn’t mean every single American because not everyone who is born within our borders really is an American, some of us are beyond the pale of citizenship, morally. We may have American passports and birth certificates, but effectively, we are hostile foreigners, we are the enemy, we must be defeated.”

Carlson then played a clip from Biden’s inaugural speech that was anything but unifying: “A rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront, and we will defeat.”

Carlson pointed out that the left has defined the southern border wall and the Fourth of July as white supremacy. The U.S. Army’s training materials also say that “celebrating Columbus Day, using the term American exceptionalism, any support for Federal border security or English only measures or, quote, ‘education funding from property taxes,'” are all white supremacy as well as using the phrase, “There’s only one human race.”

With those kind of definitions, unity is going to be all but impossible, Carlson said in so many words.

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