BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Makes Stunning CNN Announcement – Fans Shocked

Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a stunning announcement that CNN head Jeff Zucker should “transition” after former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin complained that the highest-paid individuals at CNN are men.

Carlson began his show by saying, “CNN is awash in toxic masculinity. Come on. Of course, it is. Have you seen the Chris Cuomo exercise videos? Look at those lats. It’s like “Mad Men,” the SoulCycle edition. You think some butts have been slapped in that newsroom? You’re damn right, baby, just like you like it. Not acceptable. Not acceptable anymore. So how do we fix it? How do we fix CNN? Well, it needs new leadership, obviously, but it’s not that simple.”

Carlson then laid out a plan of action that Jeff Zucker can easily shake the identity politics crowd’s criticism. Carlson continued, “There are not a ton of people who can run a declining left-wing propaganda network. You need relevant experience to do that, so here’s an idea. Jeff Zucker should transition. It’s not hard. As CNN has told us many times, if you look like a woman, you are a woman. You have all the female intuition and empathy that the sex is famous for. Overnight, the transformation is instantaneous. So Jeff Zucker wearing Dockers has no earthly idea what Brooke Baldwin is talking about. It’s like she’s speaking Latvian.”

The old white men that run the liberal establishment media are really missing out on a huge opportunity. Simply changing your identity suddenly makes you immune to most criticism.

Carlson finished by saying, “But be warned. If he doesn’t transition or if he complains about our suggesting that he transition in any way, we will know for certain that Jeff Zucker is transphobic. There’s nothing worse than that, even CNN’s exercise videos.”

If Jeff Zucker plays his cards right, he can come out on top with both the moral high ground while his critics can be dismissed as transphobic bigots. A rare win-win situation for a network that has seen crashing ratings.

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3 Responses

  1. I don’t know Jeff Zucker, nor do I care who he is, nor do I care if he is transphobic !! Personally, I do not know a single person in my life who watch CNN regularly or even once in awhile. I know several ex CNN sales reps that were laid off . . .I wonder why ??
    I believe it is safe to say that CNN is dying a slow death . . . .it is only a matter of time before their parent company pulls the plug on CNN.
    I doubt if there are viewers that will miss CNN !? Their reporting is inaccurate, not true or objective. RIP CNN

  2. I Got A Better Idea!! Have The Military Invade The HQ Of CNN And Take Over Broadcasting!! Maybe Appoint Steven Miller To run The Shows, With New Hosts And Way New Advertisers!! IT WILL BE AWESOME & SHOOT TO NUMBER ONE AGAIN!! YOU WOULD EVEN GET A THUMBS UP FROM OUR HERO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!! HIP HIP HURRAH!!

  3. I never watch CNN I use to always watch it though they use to be great and told the truth about news now they do not so sad

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