BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Makes Presidential Announcement – Trump Stunned

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson said on Friday that presidential candidate Kanye West was the “most compelling voice” against Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.

In Carlson’s opening statements he said, “Kanye West is running for President. But that’s not really the headline. The headline is that on core conservative issues, not political issues like legislation before the Congress, but on foundational questions about life and children, and what happens when you die. No one with a national platform has been more honest or sincere or effective than Kanye West has been, maybe in generations.”

Kanye West is not a serious political candidate, but he is a serious force in the culture and is reaching millions with his message.

Kanye West has attracted both support and criticism over the last few years as he has spread ideas some see as conservative. West’s thinking can be more accurately described as “independent.”

Carlson continued, saying, “When West talks about his faith and about the gift of human life, you start to ask yourself, why aren’t there any elected Republicans who sound like that? They say they believe the same things. But if they actually do, why don’t they talk like Kanye West does? And the answer, of course, is because they’re afraid to.”

Kanye West may not get many votes for President, but he is a reminder of how Republicans have been failing for so long. Kanye West is saying what others are afraid to say.

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