BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Makes Bombshell Campaign Announcement – Fans Stunned

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just made a bombshell campaign announcement. Millions of fans across the nation are completely stunned.

“All they know is that the Democratic Party will never lose again once they pull this off and that’s all that matters to them,” said Carlson referring to President Joe Biden’s promise to grant illegal immigrants de facto amnesty.

We currently have a crisis on our border — one that was being far better managed by President Donald Trump and his administration. Of course, Biden “is now trying to blame the whole thing on Trump,” continued Carlson.

It is ironic, is it not? Trump began construction on a wall, which was already acting as a deterrent to cross the border illegally. He also beefed up border security overall and instituted the Remain in Mexico policy.

Now, however, Biden has stopped construction on the wall, repealed the Remain in Mexico policy, and is “telling more illegal aliens to come here,” said Carlson. Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos as much this week.

He said that “the process is getting set up and it’s not going to take a whole long time.” So, in other words, he is telling people just to wait for a little while — amnesty is coming. The goal is to bring in millions of new Democrat voters.

Read the full story here.

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    1. AND the thief in chief should be IMPEACHED for TREASON for not following the constitution in keeping Americans safe from foreigners ILLEGALLY flooding the country. WE HAVE LAWS FOR A REASON!!!!!!!

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