BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Exposes Biden Conspiracy – Nation Stunned

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just exposed a stunning Joe Biden conspiracy and the nation is in shock. Millions of people have learned the truth, shifting the tide for the November election.

“Big Tech censored science,” said Carlson.  “They pulled the video of doctors in lab coats talking about coronavirus research, and they hid that video from the public,” which was a move to ensure “that Joe Biden can win that election.”

Carlson is talking about the video of several doctors that was going viral. In the video, which was recorded at a press conference in DC, the doctors spoke “about medical advances in the fight against COVID” and Google and Facebook took it down.

This video was even shared on Twitter was President Donald Trump, but that didn’t last long. It is because there is a concerted effort underway to deny any scientific discoveries that do not fit the official narrative on COVID-19.

After all, if people feel any kind of hope whatsoever, Biden’s chances at the ballot box may diminish. “Any scientific advancement that reduces the suffering of Americans in an election year is a threat to Joe Biden’s campaign,” said Carlson.

This really isn’t about science at all, then — it is about politics. The unholy alliance between big tech, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party has been exposed. Voters will soon reject this ruthless censorship and reelect Trump in a landslide.

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