BREAKING: Tucker Carlson EXIT Bombshell – Fox Fans Shocked

Tucker Carlson just became the center of a bombshell revelation — it is about his exit. Millions of Fox News fans are completely shocked.

Appearing on CNN, Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), demanded that Carlson be fired. “First and foremost, Tucker has got to go,” he said to host Brian Stelter.

“Again, it is a risk not just to the corporation,” continued Greenblatt. “It is a risk to our society to be promoting these anti-semitic and racist myths that literally were used by people on January 6th to try to not just interfere with the election but to murder lawmakers.”

One has to ask: If you appear on Stelter’s CNN show, did anyone actually watch you? Anyway, Greenblatt extrapolated a lot (incorrectly) from a recent monologue by Carlson. Imagine that!

“In a democracy, one person equals one vote,” said Carlson. “If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there.” Specifically, he is addressing illegal immigration.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats want amnesty — and it is because they are looking for millions of new voters. It is a fact. Greenblatt’s accusation doesn’t even make sense, proving that the ADL is a front from the Democratic Party.

Read the full story here.

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19 Responses

  1. I find it extremely sad and offensive that an obviously liberal CEO can spew such egregious lies and get away with it. Speaking of new lows, a man who twists words and implies false interpretations of those words is seriously sick and only seeks power and to Influence the minds of the sheep, a root of evil. He should be ashamed of himself. πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜³

  2. Tucker Carlson is ESSENTIAL in the continuance of OUR Democracy!! He speaks the truth, which is why they are trying to silence him! The United States of America gives each of us the RIGHT to speak without condemnation, as long as we are harming no one. Tucker is harming not one person, as he has free speech!! There is no one insisting or forcing ANYONE to watch Tucker’s program!! if you disagree, don’t watch him.
    Our liberty is based on freedom of speech. Whoever you are,CHANGE THE CHANNEL! YOU are not entitled to decide who WE listen to.
    Tucker, hang in there!! More of us are pulling for you, than the few!!

    1. Amen!!!!!!! CNN has gone after Hannity, Laura Ingraham & anyone who does their “honest” researches and speaks the truth. CNN, MSNBC are one of the reasons for the unrest in this country — they lead the “blind and ignorant”, with no common sense, into believing their distorted stories. I’ve been shocked to see clips of their “news” & they “out & out” misconceive the truth. I honestly don’t know how they can live with themselves & sleep at night!!!!!

  3. Gee a rival station say’s tucker must go, Wow that’s one reason for making sure he stays. I never heard Tucker Carlson say that any rival stations must go in his news reports. What a bunch of children these so call news outlets have working for them. They would do much better with the public if the fired all of the other talking heads and replaced them with someone with brains and no childish taunts about their competition.

    1. Truth is you can put all the brains within the Democrat party together, and not fill a thimble.

  4. Continue on Oh great speaker of the truth & protector of all people with a brain who loves freedom. & the Constitution of the USA!!! GO TUCKER!!!

  5. CNN has become a rag, dirty journalism & has the dumbest reporters & people running the show in history & should be taken off the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is they do not like it cause Tucker is smarter & a much better news person they they ever could be!

  6. Love Tucker Carlson! Best program on TV, would never miss it!
    Tucker tells it like it is. What he said about the immigrants getting ammesty and being permitted to vote is exactly what is happening! Why else would they be doing this? We are not stupid! It isn’t because they have sympathy for the immigrants.
    The children are suffering and Biden doesn’t care. He will now house some of them in the old Japanese internment camp.
    The Democrats do not care about the American people!

  7. If You terminat Tucker the country will terminate FOX abd that would be a shame as it is one of the best News for our country but so be it we will not be watching Fox news anymore if that happens

  8. The sad truth is that 99% of the women of the Democrat Party only watch CNN and MSNBC. Those stations are akin to their bible. They have blasted me with “Fox News lies!” So even some nice intelligent women that I know are not giving Republicans any respect. They enjoyed my company until they realized “the enemy is within our group!” I was “the enemy”. There is no humor in these people. I cannot be in their company, “I might be contagious.” I have to laugh. And I am happy that I can still laugh!

    How sad it is for these women. They have never listed to Tucker. He gives me hope most every night.

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