BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops Coronavirus Bombshell – Fox Fans Stunned

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Silicone Valley Tech companies and their manipulation of the coronavirus to damage President Trump’s reelection chances.

Big tech companies have thinly veiled their extreme political bias for some time, and their biased censoring of COVID-19 information is no exception. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, among other tech companies, have bullied President Trump and anyone that promoted Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus. That tech companies might use their power to affect the 2020 election is a real existential threat to Americans.

During his Friday broadcast, Carlson said, “You probably didn’t see it live, not many people did, but last month, a former Republican Member of Congress called Susan Molinari spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Susan Molinari was a top lobbyist for Google. She was a senior executive at Google until 2018. She wasn’t at the DNC to speak to anyone watching from home on TV. She was speaking to the Democratic Party itself.”

President Trump’s Justice Department is currently preparing to bring an antitrust suit against Google.

Carlson continued, “Her message to them was very clear. Silicon Valley is on your side. We’ll help you win this thing. By inviting Susan Molinari, Democrats also sent a message back to Silicon Valley. You have nothing to fear from us. Elect Joe Biden, and you can keep your monopolies. You can extend your control over American life. This was a bargain a long time in the making.”

Americans need to remember that large corporations in Silicone Valley are not their friends. Democrats and Big Tech are in league and they must be stopped.

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