BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell – Nation Shocked

Democrats seem to want the public to believe that Republicans are a real and grave threat to those around them, but Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has a different take on the soldiers still in the streets of Washington D.C. to “protect” lawmakers.

“The military has been deployed to Washington, D.C. to fight disinformation,” Carlson said. “So say something a Democratic Governor doesn’t like and he will send troops. Does that sound like the country that you grew up in? It probably doesn’t.”

“This is not the way things are done in America,” he continued. “No one alive has ever seen anything like this. So why is everyone — everyone pretending it’s totally normal to have thousands of troops in the Capitol to fight disinformation? Because obviously, they’re in favor of it. They think it is fine to mobilize the Army in order to put down domestic opinions.”

Carlson went on to say that CNN now wants a veto on any member of Congress they don’t think has the right views, like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who is about to have her committee memberships stripped from her because she allegedly believes in QAnon.

Since Donald Trump is out of office and the media and politicians can’t attack him anymore, Carlson said, they are going to attack you instead. There’s no more Donald Trump,” he concluded. “That means you get to be Donald Trump now. See how that feels.”

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