BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Death Wish Announcement – Fox Stunned

Tucker Carlson encouraged Republicans on Monday during his opening monologue not to buy into the logic that they had a responsibility to grant Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s so-called dying wish that the next president should choose her replacement.

Carlson speculated that no one can know what Ginsburg’s final words really were and said, “On some level, Democrats know all this, all this talk about Ginsburg’s dying wish is ridiculous and insulting to all of us and our country, and they’ll stop soon.”

Instead, Carlson suggested, Democrats messaging was something like “’Do what we want, or we will hurt you,’” he said. “That’s the real argument they’re making.”

“In practical terms, it’s irrelevant what she said,” he reasoned. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t get to pick her replacement from her deathbed. That’s not how it works. We have a Constitution we’re supposed to be defending, remember?”

Carlson did say that it was always sad when someone dies, and that he did his best on Friday night’s show to be respectful of Ginsburg even though he almost always disagreed with her.

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