BREAKING: Tucker Carlson CUT OUT – Fans Stunned

Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News has lost several significant sponsors since his comments on the BLM movement sparked a massive backlash. But some of the sponsors likely cut out advertising on Carlson’s show for a different reason.

Disney cut off advertising on Carlson’s show after Carlson called on President Trump to cut H-1B visa workers coming into the states.

Disney and many other large corporations use visa workers to suppress wages and cut out more expensive American workers.

With the coronavirus pandemic throwing millions into unemployment, it would make sense to cut the importation of foreign workers. President Trump would be justified to at least temporarily suspend h-1B visa worker’s.

Carlson was urging this action and while his comments on BLM certainly created an uproar, it is more likely advertisers were more concerned with him attacking their source of cheap labor.

In spite of the strong backlash, Carlson won’t be going anywhere and he will continue sounding the alarm about corporate exploitation of cheap labor.

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