BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Confirms Sick War Conspiracy – America Is FURIOUS…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in a recent monologue that Americans are being punished by the Biden administration.

“You may have noticed that Joe Biden announced today a new front in his ongoing war against America’s middle class. Biden didn’t frame it that way, of course, Democrats rarely say what they mean. They tell you, it’s about something else,” Carlson began.

“In this case, Biden told us it was about Vladimir Putin. Biden explained that we’re going to hurt Putin by making it illegal for Americans to buy Russian energy. This, he said will amount to a massive moral victory for us, we’re going to feel great about ourselves. And at the same time, it will be a crushing defeat for the Russians who, of course deserve it,” Carlson continued.

“Is the point to bankrupt Vladimir Putin? That might be worth doing. But this won’t do it. Putin already has ready markets around the world for his oil, starting in China, in India, and Turkey. So that’s not going to work. Maybe the point is to force Russian troops to withdraw from Ukraine. That would definitely be worth doing. But no, that’s not the point either,” Carlson added.

Then Carlson dropped the hammer about how even Biden knows that sanctioning Russian oil will not end the war on Ukraine.

“Joe Biden will typically say absolutely anything, but even Joe Biden didn’t claim today that sanctioning Russian oil will end the war in Ukraine because it won’t,” said Carlson.

Carlson went on to explain that it is middle class Americans who will suffer most.

“Notice a theme here?” Carlson asked. “The people in charge hate the middle class, above all.”

“So it’s not Vladimir Putin who is getting punished, it is American citizens, it’s you. That’s not speculation. Gas prices are already the highest they have ever been in history and they are about to get even higher, potentially much, much higher,” Carlson added.

The full transcript can be found here.

Watch the epic monologue here.

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