BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Confirms Shocking Fears – It’s TRUE

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Wednesday on his show that things in the U.S. are likely to get worse under President Joe Biden and the Democrats because of their horrible policies.

“Of all the economic crises the country can face, inflation is the most dangerous,” Carlson said. “Inflation doesn’t just make people poor, it totally destroys their confidence in their leaders, the authorities who issued the now worthless currency they’re using for toilet paper.”

“Once you get inflation, there’s no pretending you’ve done a good job,” he continued. “You have not done a good job and everybody knows it.”

For Carlson, it is even scarier that the U.S. seems to be running out of energy thanks to trying to use unreliable sources of energy like wind and solar.

“Congress never passed the Green New Deal, but we somehow got it anyway and here are the results,” he said, referencing Midwest power grid warnings about rolling blackouts during any potential heat waves.

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