BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Confirms Rumors – Fans In SHOCK

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just confirmed the rumors. Millions of fans nationwide are in complete shock — he didn’t hold back and it was all aired on national television.

During his show, Carlson played a clip of  Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey in a tense exchange with a Black Lives Matter protester and concluded one thing: BLM “is in fact a political party.”

One of the protesters threatened Frey’s reelection chances if he didn’t bow to the demand that the city’s police department be shut down completely. The crowd did not like how he answered.

“Yes or no, will you commit to defunding Minneapolis Police Department?” asked the protester, an unidentified woman. “The abolition of it?” Frey asked, attempting to clarify.

“We don’t want no more police,” she said. “Is that clear?” To Frey’s credit, he responded correctly under immense pressure. “I do not support the full abolition of the police department,” he said.

Frey was then met with chants for him to go home. To Carlson, this is an example of how BLM could be “the strongest political party in the United States” right now. And this should alarm everyone.

Read the full story here.

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