BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Confirms Coronavirus Nightmare – He’s Not…

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just confirmed a coronavirus nightmare. He is not going to take it anymore and he wants millions of Americans to know.

During his show this week, Carlson called out the hypocrisy of Democrat elected officials — especially Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) who “commands obedience” yet doesn’t follow his own COVID-19 edicts. It is stunning.

To elucidate, Carlson highlighted a story from The San Franciso Chronicle that has many Californians criticizing Newsom.  In fact, without social distancing or masks, Newsom held a 12-member dinner at an expensive restaurant.

As Carlson put it, this “seemed to be a clear violation of Newsom’s own rules,” though he originally denied it. He said, “Our family followed the restaurant’s health protocols and took safety precautions.”

But this didn’t end up being the case at all. A photographic leak of the dinner and, contrary to claims, it was not held outside and the private, indoor room was anything but spacious. No one was distancing or wearing a mask.

On top of that, the dinner was held at French Laundry, which is considered “one of the best and most expensive restaurants in the world.” And guess who sat next to Newsom? The CEO of the California Medical Association and a healthcare lobbyist.

Read the full story here.

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